Director’s statement

I conceptualized the idea for Los Angeles from my trials and tribulations while making an earlier movie "I Can't Breathe." It unfolds the tale of Dave, an exasperated stranger to Los Angeles bumps into a psychiatrist, seeks relief from his haunted dreams due to his past deeds, but discovers an anomaly of the place. In the beginning, I was skeptical of the offbeat premise reaching masses. Yet, I considered presenting Dave's emotional challenges in his most underrated profession.

Upon developing the first draft, I reached out to Mechielle, Dave and Mike to help make it over the following long weekend. They obliged in the blink of an eye. We engaged a real psychologist's office in Pottstown, PA, with the generosity of Shailaja Adluri and Dr. Ramesh B Eluri, despite their busy practice. We brought together a team and concluded rehearsals, a jiffy affair for these brilliant actors. When we felt everything is going our way, met our first challenge. Snow, outside the forecast, the night before the shoot accumulating several inches on the ground, out of blue and maybe not out of place. Living in the Northeastern region of the United States has no escape from weather Gods. Foremost, I dreaded for the safety of the team, driving early in the morning on unplowed interior routes. Few crew members couldn't make it including an Art Director carrying all the props. As the morning progressed, filmmaking Gods smiled on us and dropped the Sun to shine. By noon, the snow melted leaving few visible patches on ground and rooftops. We pursued filming remembering the mantra "you work with what you have, not with what you wish to have."

During deliberations on set with our DOP Murali, we realized that it's not practical completing shoot in traditional ways with twenty plus setup changes, coupled with mood lighting. He proposed to shoot the film without mounting the camera on a tripod, with continuous movement. I thought it's a brilliant idea matching the premise but feared for continuity in the post. But having L. J., a fantastic friend on set operating camera is a blessing. With his flawless operation, we concluded filming and captured seventy-two plus shots without going on sticks, spanning multiple interior and exterior setups, all on Movi.

When you have the family, friends, and filmaholics to bolster your dream, everything is possible and I am fortunate to have each on my side. I bear a firm bias that every filmmaker remains engaged and gratified upon experiencing the film.

Film opiates a filmaholic better than alcohol to an alcoholic


Dave Shaver

Dave, an outstanding performer with infinite devotion has over fifty acting credits working with excellent directors. His noted acting credits include "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History (2018)" a CNN original series, But Deliver Us from Evil (2017), The Sacred Eternal: 1st Movement Overture (2017) and Hollywould (2019).He served in US NAVY at submarine force and a retired professional sports car racer. At present he runs commercial nuclear power plants.

Mike Sutton

Since Mike's first speaking role in 2013, he appeared in 130 plus independent features, shorts, TV shows, web series, industrials, commercials, live performances and print ads. This year releases include lead roles in a feature film A Host of Sparrows and the short films Hunting for Justice, Men Are Not Meant to be Gods and Grade A. 2018 supporting roles include Mercy, Back Road, 5 Doors, 3 Days, and the iconic Commissioner Gordon in the fan film Catwoman Retribution. Mike appeared in House of Cards for its final season releasing this fall. Before acting, he devoted over 20 years working in finance as a portfolio manager and Chief Investment Officer.


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